Saturday, May 4, 2013

Love is Our Connector

Goood Saturday Morning!!  Dress in layers this morning if you're gonna be out because baby, it's cold (for Texas in May) outside!
Here's something fun.  Last night I took this picture of Holly (on the left) and it immediately reminded me of something but didn't give it much thought until I sent it to my sister and she said it reminded her of some sort of 1950's Hollywood baby star - and then it hit me!!  I was looking at a picture of my dad when he was young (on the right)!  Aren't genetics amazing?!!  (Well, especially in my case since members of my immediate family have full-on afros (see pictures from the 70's for evidence) and little Asian babies keep showing up in my kids' photo folders based on facial recognition - what are you not telling us mom!  Because looks like we have an awesome and diverse lineage!)
But aside from the actual genetic likeness, what really strikes me about these photos is the spirit that seems to jump off the page in each photo.  There's such joy in each of their faces. 
I started listening to a course series yesterday by Marianne Williamson for The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles and she starts out talking about universal spiritual themes and how before we are born we are love, and after we die we are love.  Love is eternal.  She says enlightenment is when we are aware of our spiritual knowledge.  When we are reality driven – 3D – it confines us.  When we are spiritually driven, we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities.  And I’ve only listened to the first 7 minutes!!  And this is not about religion.  It’s about our connections in life and how important they are.  We are connected to our past and our future.  And we are connected to each other. 
I look at this picture of Holly and my dad and think how they have never known each other but each has known me.  I am their connector.  And though he left to take care of us from a loftier vantage point when I was just 2, I know in his short time his spirit left an indelible mark on me that I am hopefully leaving with my children.  My mom always talks about how much my dad loved his children. 
I hope my spiritual knowledge leads me to succeeding in spreading the love that has been given to me and know that it is limitless.  These faces show me how relentless it can be.
Have a great day everyone!! Peace.

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