Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Living Life In Balance

Living life in balance is like walking down a well worn country road with purpose; we spend our time being mindful of our step to keep from falling in the wheel ruts.  Building a life of balance helps keep us out of those ruts.  But, when we do fall, (and we most certainly will), it is the conditioning and cultivating of strength while we are in balance that allows us to pull ourselves out of the rut (sometimes sooner, sometimes later); or, at the very least, to recognize others offering to help us and take that opportunity to carry on.  The key is to cultivate and condition a deeper belief that gives us hope from which we can draw strength to get out of those ruts.  If you build up your joy and peace while walking the balanced life, it makes the rough patches - the ruts - easier to navigate.  Peace is cultivated.  Peace is conditioned.  And the ruts are important; they help keep us on the path.  So do you live in the rut?  Do you live a life of intention (staying on the path you choose), or a life of reaction (falling in the ruts again and again and letting them lead you)?


I am completely new to this blogging thing and have much to learn.  Such as, who sees my stuff?  Do I have to invite people? Am I just hanging out there for all the world to see?  What IS blogging, anyway?  So much to learn....