Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be Kind

FB Post, May 22, 2013

"Be kind whenever possible...It is always possible".~~Dalai Lama
Good Wednesday Morning! Just got my coffee. Note to self: empty the coffee carafe from the previous day BEFORE making a new pot. Doh! Thankfully, the coffee on the counter was amazingly retained by some invisible force-field that kept it from running off the edge of, or under any of the things on, my counter. Sweet!
So, kindness. Have you been kind lately? Do you try to be kind? Or do you see it as a weakness? I had someone say to me once that they didn't like to smile TOO much because they felt it made them look "simple". Shoot; then I must look pretty dang daft most of the time! I thought that was a peculiar translation of smiling. Smiling at another person is a leap of faith. You have no guarantee what kind of a response you will get but, done with sincerity and kindness, has the power to brighten someone's entire day. I know because it has happened to me!
Are you kind to only those that are kind to you? I used to be. But then I thought what a waste of kindness. If I only give it to those that are kind to me, I'm limiting myself to a potentially very small circle. BUT, if I show kindness to every person I encounter (I've never been mugged so, if I am, I'll have to see how that goes!) I am opening up a channel for kindness. For love, really. We have little problem showing kindness when there is a great tragedy (prayers and strength going to Oklahoma) but every person I meet every day is, has, or can be experiencing their own tragedy. So why not show kindness to them too?
Assuming the best in people seems to have become a novelty in our society. We hear about all the bad things people do. (I LOVE when “good” is reported. Success stories, triumphs, love found where there seemed to be none, etc.) I hear people say all the time “I would NEVER day that!” or “What is WRONG with her?!”. Well, everyone has a story. When we seek out to see the good in people, we build a bridge. When we stand back and see what is wrong with people, we build a pedestal of “me vs. you” upon which we stand and look down and everyone looks like insignificant ants. When we do that, it’s difficult to have a connection and therefore easy to judge. I’m not sure why this is the norm. But it doesn’t seem to be helping us as a community.
Do I have to like everything everyone does? Heck no! I have no idea why some people do the things people do! But I can try to understand. Even those who appear prejudiced or self-righteous or just "rude". I know that’s just fear. When we don’t understand something we tend to fear it. It is close-minded and people hide behind their “truths” to put themselves back up on that pedestal where, once again, we break the connection with our fellow humans. Because, for whatever reason, that feels safe.
So, today, maybe, be brave. Be kind. Even if someone is mean, nasty, unkind. When you are kind to them, you are taking away their power to poison you and giving them the tools to know what kindness is. Maybe they’ll respond positively, maybe they won’t. It’s not my job to save anyone. It’s not my job to judge. It’s only my job to love. Love my fellow human for the child of the universe that we all are. That’s not idealistic. That’s conducive to a well functioning society.
Have a great day everyone! I enjoy seeking connections with you every day. Peace.

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