Friday, May 3, 2013

Be Awesome! Because You Are

FB Post, Friday, May 3, 2013

Gooood Friday Morning! What is on the agenda today? For me, finish coffee. Get more coffee. Finish that coffee. All in all, a good start! :)
Yesterday I didn't get to as many things as I wanted but BOY did I have some great conversations with random strangers! 
At my chiropractor, I was talking with a fellow about trainers and how, being a visual person, I prefer a trainer who looks the part - who looks fit - because they LOOK like they know what they're talking about. Seems reasonable to me! However, not so the case with him. He said he has a friend who is 200lbs of pure muscle and his friend is always asking him go to the gym but he said he doesn't want to go because of how he would compare to his friend, lifting his little weights. So I asked him why that bothers him. He said because his friend looks awesome! 
"So, just so we're clear, you don't want to go to the gym with someone who appears to know what they are doing, could potentially help you fulfill your goals, and give you support (he does keep asking him!) in your journey because you think someone will think less of you because you are lifting lighter weights? Is that right?" 
"Yes, basically." 
Then I reached across and smacked him upside the head. Just kidding! :) I said, first of all, by comparing yourself in that way, do you realize you are missing out on the awesome that is you?! This guy clearly wants to hang with you and not because you'll make him look good at the gym (which I'll assume not). And even if he did, that shortcoming is on him, not you! I told him the only person standing in his way (and I'm familiar with this concept INTIMATELY) was him. He said, he never thought of it that way. :)
I've said it before: when we compare ourselves with others, covet what they have, we take away from who we are and miss the opportunity to see all the reasons why WE are awesome! 
Jealousy, envy, doesn't have to be a way of life. I want to ADD to my life. Not take away from it. We each have a unique contribution to make to this vast tapestry of our universe; when we are focusing on what someone else has, we are poking holes in that fabric, not adding our own distinct design. 
So what makes you awesome? Fantastically different, just like everybody else? :) I have funny friends, wise friends, angry friends, bold friends, shy friends, surly friends, friendly friends, arrogant friends, goofy friends - the list is endless! And I'd trade none of them for anything! Because they all play a part.
It's been said I overuse the word "awesome" (my sister says she's going to put it on my tombstone!) but I'll just put it out there anyway - I hope, for you, you will be your own version of awesome today. Peace!

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