Friday, March 1, 2013

Never too old...or too young!?

Met an interesting young fella at the park today. I was just talking with a friend about what it means to eat healthily and along he came with his Great Dane and 4 year old daughter. Turns out he's a former body builder with a passion for health with an mindset of eating to fuel the machine and efficient and safe fitness. His goals are to become a certified trainer but he needs to get his GED but has hit some snags along the way. The thing is, this guy was so knowledgeable, passionate about health and fitness, and very personable to boot. I wished him the very best in his pursuits. He's only 26!!  I too have been thinking about getting certified and I hope I relayed effectively to him, if it's not too late for me, it CERTAINLY isn't too late for him!  It's never too late.
But we get in our own way.  Me too!
Goal: this time next year I will have some sort of fitness certification.  Bam!  Done!  :D

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