Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Courage and Confidence!

Notes from a Mary Kay Speaker.  Awesome!!

Confidence Builders

Taking Action:
1. Be present in the moment.  Focus on breathing and what trying to do. Be calm.
2. Lighten up!  You are creating the obstacles.
3. Really, really want it.  Look forward to it!

Mine: truly believe in what you're talking about.

Facing your Fear:
Do the thing you think you cannot do.  Do it. Don't tell yourself, do it.
How to do this? Be curious.  Your perceptions wash away. It opens you up!
Remember an experience of what you got something new.
Fear is often based on unhelpful interpretations. Don't take your thoughts too seriously. Breathe. Get out of your head!
Facing Fear - failing teaches you if you are willing to learn.
Failing can only be learned from first hand. Must be experienced by you.
Failure brings strength - you become desensitized.
Try try again. People really don't care that much. Don't build things up beyond what it is.
Know yourself and what you want.
"The world makes room for men..."(look up)
Look inside yourself!  Relax. What do you love? Stop asking "What if?!!"  Unless its leading you toward you rather than away.

Understand in what order things happen
Courage comes after the action.
Progressive desensitization.  The more you do it, the less fear.

Key to self confidence: prepare yourself.

Confidence comes from Not fearing to be wrong. Rejection doesn't actually hurt you.

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