Monday, February 25, 2013

Animated Spirituality

What's it called when the actions of something actually reinforce the event actually happening?  I'm not really articulating this well; but I know there must be a word for it.  I had this thought last night before going to bed and, knowing it would keep me up if I didn't record it, I  wrote it down:

I believe in a plan. When you go towards one thing, you go away from another. Avoid one thing to go toward another.  But I think there are options.  Like the books where are you choose your own ending.  When we make choices we choose our path. Things come up that we have no control over.  But we have control over what we choose to do with those obstacles or opportunities, depending on how you look at it.  

This morning, (lazy Monday mornings) Holly chose to watch "Kung Fu Panda", which we haven't watched for ages, during couch cuddles.  There was a quote I heard that I really liked so I went to look it up and when I did, I found this one first:

"One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it."
Master Oogway, Kung fu Panda

Hmmmmmmm...that's weird.  So, what I'm really saying is, I think I'm getting all my spiritual enlightenment from animated features!!  :)  Well, I did say to Ben just this morning (after he pointed out on his test paper that he learned the meaning of the word "inn" from playing a video game), you just never know where you're going to learn something!

So I found my destiny, writing about destiny?  My brain hurts. But it's a good hurt!

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